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The Three Wise Men

The Three Wise Men

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The expression "Alive And Kicking" stands for alert, living and healthy. After a collaboration of almost nine years, this certainly suits "The Three Wise Men". Rossano, Martin and I consider ourselves extremely lucky to perform regularly all over Europe for wonderful audiences.

We've changed "Kicking" to "Cooking" and this needs a little explanation. Referring to a jazz-band, "Cookin' " means that the band is heating up or swinging, spinning out musical ideas and performing at their best. You'll hear us cookin' on several tracks, but we also reserve room for some quiet moments.

The album was recorded by Geurt Engelsman an excellent sound engineer who used the best equipment in order to achieve a completely natural sound.

The other reason for using the word cookin' will be obvious for all people who attend our concerts as we try to give a new meaning to "Live Cooking".

We'd like to thank our loyal fans and hope to continue cookin' for all of you for many more years.

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Frank Roberscheuten