Frank Roberscheuten



Frank Roberscheuten, NL, Reeds
Rossano Sportiello, IT, Piano  (
Martin Breinschmid, AT, Drums (

Without being ensnared in "recreating" jazz's past, "The Wise Men" lift our spirits, expressing their individuality while honoring the traditions of the music. They have their own joyous songs to share with us. Playing in a trio offers no place to hide; if the telepathy necessary for jazz breaks down for a second, everyone hears it. But these three musicians don't have this problem. It is as if they laugh at the same inside jokes; they know the nuances of their common language deeply and well. Each "Wise Men" is a brilliant soloist in a wide variety of genres, but each one is more generous than narcissistic. The trio is a band - a jazz democracy where everyone pays attention and works for the benefit of the group. You'll hear them listening to each other's efforts in friendly dialogue. Their creativity is also evident in the trio's repertoire and their varied approaches to the music. (Michael Steinman)


All in all, "Thee Wise Men" is a pretty accurate name for these three cats. Although Frank grew up in Holland, Martin in Austria and Rossano in Italy, each was wise enough, and talented enough, to have learned the American language of jazz, which they "speak" fluently and beautifully. As a team, they are also wise enough to know how to present that music, that is, with class and conviction, dedication and love. Those essential elements are present in their live performances and recordings. (Dan Barrett)  


In the past ten years the Three Wise Men have established themselves as Europe’s premier classical jazz trio.Founded by Dutch saxophonist Frank Roberscheuten in 2007 the band has toured Europe and proved it’s outstanding format in over 700 concerts. Roberscheuten is considered one of the leading European saxophonists. His playing represents a colorful variety of influences ranging from New Orleans to Bebop based on the styles of Jazz giants like Coleman Hawkins,Johnny Hodges and Stan Getz. Italian pianist Rossano Sportiello is considered the heart of the Trio. After classical piano studies in Milano he established himself in the jazz center of the world New York City.His playing covers a stunning variety of styles mixing classical with Stride piano and Bebop. Bebop legend Barry Harrys: “Rossano is simply the best stride piano player in the world“ and the New York Times quote:“Sportiello is the best Italian import since the Barolo“. Viennese Drummer/Percussionist Martin Breinschmid supplies the rhythmic foundation for the Wise Men. His passion for virtuoso swing drumming à la Gene Krupa ,vibraphone à la Lionel Hampton and his use of unusual percussion objects make him a unique personality in the jazz field.

Leading jazz critics have stated that the uniting element in the Three Wise Men is their love for swinging music that has lead to an almost telepathic understanding between the three musicians.

A concert by the Three Wise Men is a most entertaining journey through the world of classical jazz filled with fire,virtuosity,emotion and humor.

That's why it's a „must“ not only for jazz lovers but for all people who appreciate good music.



Frank Roberscheuten, Reeds
Olaf Polziehn, Rossano Sportiello, Bernd Lhotzky, Piano
Ingmar Heller, Henning Gailing, Bass
Frits Landesbergen, Oliver Mewes, Michal Keul, Drums

Shaunette Hildabrand, Vocals

How's that for an international band? Based in Belgium, the leader is from the Netherlands and the singer from Oklahoma, the pianist and bassist are from Germany and the drummer is Dutch. All members of this "Hiptett" have had extensive experience in other groups across Europe and all have played and recorded with numerous internationally know jazz stars. Clearly aware of the roots of jazz music, they express themselves in a unequalled way, making each tune a little masterpiece. So despite the fact many tunes were written many years ago,they make them sound fresh and alive - or better yet, Hip. (W. Royal Stokes)



Frank Roberscheuten, NL, Reeds
Engelbert Wrobel, G, Reeds (
Antti Sarpila, Fin, Reeds (
Chris Hopkins, G, Piano (
Rolf Marx, G, Guitar
Henning Gailing, G, Bass (
Oliver Mewes, G, Drums

Our predilection and enthusiasm for Swing, as well as the immense pleasure we derive when joining forces in this traditional style, have inspired us to form "The Three Tenors Of Swing". The name, of course, is a play on the famous "Three Tenors" from the world of opera, but we could have just as well chosen "Three Clarinets Of Swing" or "Three Reed Men Of Swing", being that each one of us not only plays the tenor saxophone, but various instruments of the saxophone family and clarinet. All "Three Tenors" contributed ideas and arrangements for this group which presents our interpretation of this great period in jazz history. "The Swing Society" rhythm section generates that certain beat one needs for this special style and, apart from that, each one is an outstanding soloist. (Engelbert Wrobel)