Frank Roberscheuten


March 12th 2018

Christoph Ueberhorst says,

Dear Frank Roberscheuten, I want to express my real admiration for your reeds playing, now even on soprano sax, as I heard in Lübbecke, whuch was a fantastic concert of Three wise men. I like the lines you are playing, the tone control, the use of quotes. The Three wise men encouraged me so much for my own trials of jazz at the piano, especially for accompanying.. I really appreciate Rossano Sportiello's way of using stride and swing piano and his walking bass, as he demonstrated so well in Lübbecke. And the sense of humor of allyou three and the sheer beauty of the music is really uplifting; I was constantly smiling through the whole concert. Warm greetings Christoph Ueberhorst

November 6th 2017

Werner Sutter says,

The charity concert "Three Wise Men" October 14th in Zug CH was really a big sucsess! The music was great, the mood of the musicians and the guests was great, the apéro and the resulting benefit for the charity projects too. (about CHF 10'000.--) We all are happy ! Many guests, some not close with the jazz music, have been enthusiastic about what they heard. At the end - one question was open: When do "The Three Wise Men" come again? So it's just a good way of keeping the flame for this sensationel music and for winning new jazz friends!! Thanks to you Frank and to Rossano and Martin too, for your wonderful music! With my best wishes - and keep swinging! CH 6300 Zug, November 5th Werner

September 18th 2017

Karin Simmen says,

Lieber Frank wir sind an den letzten Vorbereitungen für unser Konzert und hoffen, es wird ein Erfolg. Kannst du deine persönlichen Kontakte hier in Luzern noch motivieren, ein Ticket zu kaufen? Ich freue mich sehr auf unser gemeinsames Projekt - bis bald Karin

September 4th 2017

Stefan says,

Good to know that I can see your concerts also via mobile devices now! Congratulations to this very nice and informative website, Frank! Looking forward fishing all your latest news! Keep on swinging, flame ;-)

Frank Roberscheuten